The founders started developing the Thin Ply Technology®, initially applicable in the manufacturing of sails.


Alinghi used the technology to build the “Black Sails” for the 2007 America Cup. North Sails purchased the rights on the technology, and branded it 3Di™. 

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North Thin Ply Technology continued its research for uses of the Thin Ply Technology in the field of rigid composites. First applications are developed with advanced tech companies, in various industries. Ultra-thin tapes are engineered for Burton and Movement skies. 



Southern Spars started using our technology in the manufacturing of the carbon mast for a racing boat of TP52 class and are now using NTPT™ in all their masts. 

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NTPT™ enters the aerospace market. NTPT™ is since then collaborating with Solar Impulse, engineering ultra-thin multi-orientation c.f. preforms that offers extremely valuable weight reduction, indispensable for the solar power aircraft, the first to tour the world. Read more at 



NTPT™ also started a collaboration with the helicopter manufacturer BHR Aircraft and managed together to save significant weight on the initial design and provide a unique ultra-light helicopter to the market.


NTPT™ started working with Formula 1's most competitive teams, applying light-weight TPT® preforms to body panels first, offering unprecedented weight saving and appearance enhancement and to more structural components then, that value the improved performances of thin plies.

Starting in 2012,

Other applications have been developed for high-end luxury products, especially in the watch making industry.


Sees the first space projects starting and showing the potential of TPT® in that field.

Our R&D teams are continuously developing new applications in many other sectors.