Sport & Leisure

Fishing rods are a natural home for thin ply materials through the freedom to achieve multiple fibre angles, with high modulus fibre, while maintaining low thickness and weight in a thin-wall high-performance tube.

  • By use of the best ply weights and optimum ply angles at all positions along the tube
  • By producing a smoother taper in the wall thickness, due to the thinner ply drops
  • By enabling more frequent off-axis plies within the predominantly longitudinal layup
More design freedom
  • By providing more options for the proportions of fibre at any chosen ply angle
More consistent performance
  • By reducing the size of 'seams' resulting from ply overlaps
  • By more accurate material placement using the ATL
  • By reducing ply weight variations (fibre and resin) in the prepreg

For the ultimate in tube performance, NTPT™ can manufacture lightweight prepreg tape from ultra-high modulus carbon fibre grades (including pitch carbon grades).

NTPT™ also delivers slit tape in widths down to 12mm for customers using the tape winding process.