North Thin Ply Technology traces its roots back to participation in the 2007 America’s Cup. This Marine heritage and proven performance benefits of Thin Ply Technology for high performance structures makes the Marine market a natural home for our marine prepreg technology.

Thin Ply and conventional prepreg materials from North Thin Ply Technology are suitable for:

  • America’s Cup structures where performance is everything, including hulls, beams, wings and foils
  • High performance racing boats where durability combined with weight saving are a winning combination
  • Carbon spars requiring cost effective materials and higher modulus fibres
  • Cost effective carbon structures where the use of Automated Tape laid preforms reduces labour times and increases quality

North Thin Ply Technology can supply a full Marine package of materials with UD marine prepregs from 20gsm to 600 gsm, woven prepregs, biaxial prepregs, adhesive film and marine prepreg peel ply.