ATL Equipment

NTPT™ offers a range of Automated Tape Laying equipment for the efficient incorporation of NTPT™ prepregs into molded parts. This unique technology, sometimes known as a prepreg plotter, is offered at an economical price, and allows users to save on both materials and labour costs, whilst retaining full design freedom for the manufacture of advanced composite parts. Offered with full design, kitting, and draping software, NTPT’s ATL solutions are widely used on a daily basis.

Automation at an Affordable Price

NTPT™ estimates that a single ATL can handle the work of eight to ten composite laminators, with full traceability, and no possibility of prepreg backers being left within the laminate. High quality, efficient part production, reduced part contamination, and reduced exposure of uncured polymeric materials to the work force are some of the many advantages NTPT’s ATL equipment brings. A new generation of ATL machine, marketed at an ‘everyday’ price is affordable to smaller molding companies looking to reduce labor costs, reduce material wastage, and increase part quality.


  • Plotting Surface
    The plotting surface is defined as the area on which tapes can be laid in any direction and cut at any angle. surface footprints are offered according to the following ranges:
    S series: W= M series: W= 3m to 4m x L = 3 to 6m (9 to 24sqm) 
    L series: W= 4 to 4.5m x L=6 to 14m (24 to 63sqm) 
    Custom: by arrangement
  • Table Height
    The top of the table is located at 800mm.  


  • Laying down tapes
    NTPT™ ATL lays down prepreg tapes, the fibre areal weight can range from 30gsm to 300gsm.
  • Drawing and cutting curves
    NTPT’s ATL machines are supplied with an integral cutting gantry. Curves can be drawn or cut in the entire working surface. by the cutting plotting gantry.
  • Video control
    An onboard camera enables a remote and real time control of the tape laying operation. A remote operator is able to view the most critical aspects of the tape laying operation live from a remote computer.

Production Rate

Production rates of up to 300lm per hour are achievable as standard rates, depending on part geometry and tape length. Productivity can be further improved depending on nesting - with a potential to double this rate.

NTPT’s ATL equipment was used to manufacture the preforms for its award winning Thin ply quartz prepreg. View the full Richard Mille case study here.

Download the ATL Equipment Brochure here