High Performance Tubes

High Performance tubes are used in many applications: Sporting goods such as golf shafts and fishing rods, automotive parts such as drive shafts, various space components, pressure pipes, and more.

A number of different processes are used to manufacture these parts. NTPT™ has experience with those processes using prepreg to produce tubular products and can advise clients of the performance opportunities available to tubes through the use of Thin Ply Materials. Generally, the opportunity to increase performance in tubular parts comes from one of the following:

  • 1. The wide range of fibres that NTPT™ can impregnate. Spectra/Dyneema, Aramid, PBO, Glass, Quartz, PAN Carbon, Pitch Carbon Fibre, etc.
  • 2. The light tape weights that we can achieve. 18gsm FAW with High Strength and Intermediate Modulus carbon fibers, 30gsm with High Modulus carbon fibers, 35gsm with S glass or quartz fibers, etc.
  • 3. The use of multi-ply preforms in the tube production process. Any combination of fibre/ply weight/ply angle/extent can be achieved.
  • 4. The sophisticated simulation of part performance using Finite Element Analysis.

Tubular products that are strength critical are where Thin Ply materials shine the most. Talk with us about your tubular product performance needs.