Conventional Prepreg

While North Thin Ply Technology is naturally known for expertise in lightweight prepreg materials, we understand that these products are often part of a wider solution needing a broader material portfolio. Customers typically want to marry the performance and chemistry of thin ply with more “conventional” prepregs. North Thin Ply Technology offer a wide range of typical reinforcements, pre-impregnated with the same resin systems as Thin Ply products. Our conventional range includes UD prepreg up to 600g/Sqm, 200g and 300g woven (0/90) cloth prepregs, 300g and 400 g biaxials (+/-45), adhesive film, and prepreg peel ply. Other FAW materials, glass or Aramid prepregs can also be produced. If in doubt, please contact our sales team. A feature of our approach is the flexibility and approachability for new and interesting material requests.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 736LT

  • Low cure temperature epoxy prepreg system formulated for Marine applications.
  • Offers a balance of familiar rheology, tack, handling and curing envelopes well understood by Marine industry manufacturers.
  • Cure temperatures as low as 80°C give flexibility on tooling. 736LT can also be cured in 1hr at 120°C.
  • Can be supplied with a broad range of reinforcements including UD tapes from 50-300gsm, woven and multiaxial fabrics.
  • Compatible adhesive films (GF736) available to complete the material package.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 510-2

  • Epoxy prepreg with robust processing and familiar handling characteristics suitable for industrial parts where cost and quality are key drivers.
  • Autoclave processing recommended - typically cured at 120°C

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