Thin Ply Prepreg

During these past 10 years, NTPT™ has developed techniques to spread fibers from untwisted tows. All types of fibers can be spread:

  • Carbon Fibers
    • Down to 30gsm for PAN-based fibers 
    • Even down to 15gsm for fibers such as
      MR70 12K
    • Down to 90gsm with pitch fiber K63712
    • Down to 40 gsm with pitch fibers such as YSH70
  • Glass Fiber down to 48gsm with S-glass 9 microns
  • Quartz Fiber down to 30gsm with 14 microns fiber
  • Aramid Fibers down to 20gsm
  • PBO and other synthetic fibers down to 30gsm or less

North Thin Ply Technology makes the thinnest unidirectional prepreg tapes in the world.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 150SC

  • Designed for the automotive market due to snap-cure capability for fast cycle times
  • Commonly used in press moulding and autoclave processes, designed for use with an ATL for high production volume components
  • Cure time from 4 minutes down to 30 seconds
  • Ideal for prepregs 100-300gsm, suitable for a variety of fibres

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 402

  • Epoxy prepreg system using high or intermediate modulus fibres spread to produce 15-30gsm UD tapes.
  • Can also be delivered as multiaxial preforms produced on in house ATL machines for lowest weight parts or sandwich panels skins.
  • 402 resin system provides a Tg above 180°C for demanding applications such as F1, LMP and other motorsport classes.
  • Suitable for autoclave/vacuum bag processing.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ TP135

  • Highly toughened epoxy prepreg system developed to harness next generation resin performance and increased properties achievable with thin plies.
  • With a first ply failure tensile strength of >900MPa and high compression after impact this product is specifically for highly loaded applications such as Aerospace, F1 and motorsport structural parts, where properties after impact are a key design driver.
  • All fibre types and combinations available upon request.
  • Autoclave processing recommended.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 380CE

  • Cyanate ester prepreg system for the most demanding high temperature applications.
  • With a Tg of over 350°C after postcure, these materials are suitable for structural composite applications in space.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ 513

  • Highly suited to autoclave processing.
  • Toughened for high mechanical properties.
  • Unidirectional tapes 30g/m2 – 300g/m2.
  • Suitable for machined blocks and high performance structures.

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NTPT ThinPreg™ materials for UAVs

  • NTPT™ supplies prepreg systems for UAV components where absolute weight saving is critical for endurance.
  • Most carbon fibres (intermediate, high and ultra-high modulus fibres) including pitch fibres can be spread to the lowest aerial weights to deliver the ultimate in super light, super stiff structures.
  • These super low aerial weight products can be produced using a number of the NTPT™ ThinPreg™ resin systems.