ATL Preforms

A preform is a stack of plies made of unidirectional tapes laid down by our machine (ATL). The fiber orientation of each ply is selected so as to offer the final structure the suitable performance. In our TPT® preforms, there are no limitation in angles (0 to 360° with possible increments of 1°), number of plies, coverage or dimensions.

TPT® Preforms are made according to the design provided by our customers or defined in collaboration between our engineers and our customers' technical team.

Benefits of preforms:

  • The design can be as complex as the designer requires and is no longer limited by the low precision of manual lay up
  • Preforms are accurately reproduced every time.
  • Draping time of preforms in the mould is shorter than draping of numerous pieces of unidirectional tape.

TPT® preforms are made flat in anticipation of their draping and assembly on a 3D mould. This concept allows a drastic reduction in the mould draping time and overall moulding cycle. It also enables an increase of the output per mould and ultimately a better amortization of a mould.

Preforms can be made of in-house produced prepreg tapes or of any other prepreg tapes available on the market.