Research and Development

Two of our main strengths are the expertise in fibers and composites and the ability to think out-of-the-box.

This can be very valuable both for raw material manufacturers on one side and composite moulders and end users on the other side:

We can contribute to the development and characterization of new fibers and new resin components. Our pre-impregnation lines, our in-house small scale moulding and testing equipment and our network of lab, experts, and universities enable a reduction of the development lead time for new raw materials Image

For composite moulders and end users, we bring our composite material expertise, innovation spirit, ability to quickly setup prototype equipment for concept validation and network.

We run several R&D projects in parallel in partnership with our customers.

Any work performed in our premises remains confidential. NTPT™ has facilities & equipment well suited to prototyping parts.

For instance new designs for tubular parts can be quickly manufactured and tested. We also support the prototyping of every type of parts made by all prepreg manufacturing processes.

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