Company Overview

Company Overview

As a sister company to the North Technology Group, and as inventors of the 3Di™ technology for North Sails' grand prix yacht racing sails, North Thin Ply Technology develops a world-leading range of thin ply prepreg products and complementary technical solutions for use in the field of composites.

NTPT™ has proven the combination of customer collaboration, technical innovation and a highly dynamic team of experienced professionals hits the mark when delivering solutions to sectors with a demand for performance such as motorsport, marine, aerospace, sporting goods, and luxury accessories.

NTPT™’s problem solving approach acknowledges each customer has a different set of requirements. With access to considerable analytical capability for product development and problem solving, the company develops application-specific and tailor-made products and processing options in consultation with its clients.

These products include a range of weight-saving prepreg materials, including UD tapes of 15-300 gsm, conventional prepregs, multiaxial preforms and machinable carbon fibre blocks. The company also produces highly uniform composite tubes and automated tape laying (ATL) machines.

Headquartered in Switzerland, with a manufacturing plant in Poland, the company continues its ambitious growth plans in response to rising demand for its products, and to enable ongoing development of its portfolio. Expansion of NTPT™’s distribution network is underway, with further partners sought across the globe.


Zory, Poland

Officially opened in June 2016, NTPT™’s 2000sqm facility in Zory, Poland, supplies the company’s complete portfolio of products. The plant houses the company’s automated tape laying (ATL) equipment to produce multiaxial preforms, and a new machine dedicated to higher volume prepreg production. The company’s unique golf shafts are manufactured in Zory, along with market-leading thin ply prepreg for which the company is best known.

Renens, Switzerland

Switzerland is where NTPT™’s heritage lies. As well as the administrative headquarters, this is the location for the company’s Research & Development facility, where the team develops new and competitively-priced technologies to address application-specific challenges.