Stagier/Intern: Development Chemist

Locations: Renens, Switzerland

NTPT has a regular intake of stagiers/interns and provides meaningful project work in a structured environment that gives useful and marketable real-world experience.

We are interested in receiving applications from undergraduates or post graduate students seeking an internship in the field of R&D Development. On successful application to NTPT, interns will be assigned to a project dedicated to our material development activities in the field of physico/chemical analytical work, for example utilising techniques such as infra-red spectroscopy, calorimetry, visco-elastic modelling, microscopy, and formulation work. Projects will be dedicated to our Thin Ply Technologymaterials and structures business that supplies materials into end applications such as Formula One, high end aerospace applications, performance sailing boats, sports goods, and luxury applications.

We are interested in hearing from well-motivated students who can make a convincing explanation of their motivations to take a placement at NTPT.  Applications from students with a background in life sciences with a particular emphasis on polymer chemistry, and especially epoxy chemistry would be welcome. Also, a background in textile technology could be applicable. Please apply in the first instance to