Using ultra-thin plies with specific fiber orientation allows new visual effects of carbon fiber composites.

TPT® composite blocks offer an outstanding machinability which enables the manufacturing of high precision and high complexity components.

Once machined TPT® composites have a top quality finish and a unique look with amazing shades and reflections that reminds us of high quality wood appearance

Luxury watch makers and other precision parts manufacturers have already seized upon the opportunity and are using thin plies as part of their new designs!

For NTPT™, carbon fiber is not just a material: our customers such as watchmakers, F1 teams, Solar Impulse, or America Cup teams have recognized that NTPT™ products represent the highest material performance. Carbon fiber composites now have a new reference.

Luxury goods industry also values high quality and performance very well promoted by the Swiss made label which means a lot for us.

Luxury Watch how we created something revolutionary for the watch making industry.

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