Formula One composite engineers are always looking for new materials to find the milliseconds which distinguish pole position from the rest of the field.

Our considerable experience supporting F1 Teams means we understand the need for: performance, reactivity, technical support, and innovation.

Our offer to high performance motorsport is:

  • Performance: Thin ply composites show significantly improved mechanical properties compared to conventional composites. (Read more on the technology page). Thin plies are necessary for multiaxial, thin skin sandwich panels and our ability to spread even ultra-high modulus fibre allows the necessary optimisation of strength and stiffness.
  • Reactivity: The relentless F1 calendar allows very little time between races for tuning and optimization of the car. Our high responsiveness and ability to deliver in as little as 2 or 3 days enables a Team to upgrade the car quickly. Preforms mean lamination time is minimised, allowing faster iteration.
  • Technical support: Our composite experts are available to help you to understand fibre options; ply weight choice; preform design; drape-ability; and processing to make your use of Thin Ply simple.
  • Innovation: We offer material with new fibers and new resins. We work with our customers to evaluate and tune the properties of these materials within a short timescale. This evolution is critical to ensure compliance with the changing F.I.A. regulations.

TPT® solutions can be applied to many parts of the car, from ultralight body panels to structural components.

Our success and experience in F1 projects over the past seasons makes this a strategic market for NTPT™.