NTPT™ and HyFiSyn collaborate to offer an exciting research position.

NTPT™ and HyFiSyn collaborate to offer an exciting research position.

12th June 2018 – NTPT™, a world leader in lightweight prepreg materials and process automation technologies, is collaborating with the HyFiSyn project, which has funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and is inviting applicants for a new research position, which will lead to a PhD.

The position, which combines university studies and a business placement at NTPT™, would suit applicants with a strong background in materials science/process modelling, who have a problem-solving approach and a strong scientific interest.

"We are excited about this vacancy which will enable a student to research and build a depth of knowledge about hybrid thin ply prepregs," says Wayne Smith, Technical Director at NTPT™. "The results of this, and other positions available through HyFiSyn, will have a real impact on the wider adoption of composites, which in turn will help the EU achieve its greenhouse gas emission targets."

NTPT™ is an Industry Partner to the project, which aims to develop inter-disciplinary experts in fibre-hybrid composites. The researchers will be trained for 3 years, developing advanced simulation tools to predict optimal microstructure for fibre-hybrid composites, manufacture these microstructures, then verify them in industrial applications.

The successful applicant for the NTPT™ position will have the opportunity to work alongside a team who highly values technical development and innovation, and has a proactive solution-finding approach to push the boundaries of current materials and processes.

Enquiries from applicants should be directed to:

Wayne Smith, Technical Director, NTPT™ wayne.smith@thinplytechnology.com

More information can be found at: https://www.hyfisyn.eu/vacancy/process-development-of-pre-impregnated-hybrid-thin-ply-composites