NTPT™ sponsors Cyclitech 2015 bicycle technology conference

NTPT™ sponsors Cyclitech 2015 bicycle technology conference

The NTPT™ team will demonstrate how Thin Ply prepreg technology can help bicycle designers develop lighter, stronger and faster frames at Cyclitech 2015 in Brussels on 8-9 December.

NTPT™ has developed a proprietary technique for the manufacture of high-performance composite tubes, using its own Thin Ply (15-100 g/m2) carbon fibre unidirectional (UD) prepreg tapes.

Thin Ply composite laminates have been proven to exhibit improved mechanical properties and fatigue performance over laminates produced using conventional prepregs. As a result they are perfect for high performance sporting applications such as bicycle frames.

Using its automated tape laying (ATL) equipment, NTPT™ can work with bicycle manufacturers to develop custom thin ply prepreg preforms in which the fibre orientation of each ply can be selected to offer the optimum performance in the final structure. NTPT™ also offers its ATL machines for sale so that companies can create their own preforms, cost-effectively, in-house.

Co-organised by JEC Group and SPE, this two-day conference focuses on the latest bicycle materials, components and bicycle frame technologies.