Product Focus

NEW ThinPreg™ 135 for Autosport Structural Parts

Product Focus

ThinPreg™ 135 is a unique epoxy prepreg system delivering an unparalleled set of composite properties, previously unavailable in ultra-low fibre weight prepreg materials.

Developed in collaboration with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, ThinPreg™ 135 provides:

  • Exceptional compression after impact: approx. 300MPa on a quasi-isotropic intermediate modulus laminate
  • Exceptional strength properties: 1st ply failure in tension at >900MPa for UD ThinPreg™ 135 QI laminates with IM fibre

A versatile system that is suitable for a variety of processing methods including hand lay up and automated tape laying, plus vacuum bag, autoclave or press curing, ThinPreg™ 135 is aimed at highly loaded applications such as aerospace, F1 and other autosport structural parts.