ATL Equipment

ATL Equipment

NTPT™ offers a range of Automated Tape Laying equipment for the efficient incorporation of NTPT™ prepregs into moulded parts. The NTPT™-developed system is used to build customised prepreg preforms with no limitation in fibre orientation or number of plies.

This unique technology, sometimes known as a prepreg plotter, is offered at an economical price, and allows users to save on both materials and labour costs, whilst retaining full design freedom for the manufacture of advanced composite parts. Offered with full design, kitting, and draping software, NTPT™’s ATL solutions are widely used on a daily basis.

Composite manufacturer across different markets are experiencing the following benefits with the NTPT™ Automated Tape Laying solution:

  • Significant labour cost reduction, especially in higher labour cost countries – NTPT estimates that a single ATL can handle the work of 8-10 composite laminators
  • Total control of lay-up accuracy, repeatability and traceability, satisfying the requirements of a Tier 1 quality management system
  • Improved health and safety due to reduced handling of uncured polymeric materials
  • Versatility and ease of use, allowing savings on small projects as well as high volume production runs
  • Reduced overall moulding cycles and more efficient mould utilisation, due to reduced lamination time
  • Quicker return on investment compared with more expensive ATL solutions

The machinery packages are designed and manufactured for clients’ own use, and used in-house for the manufacture of NTPT™ 2D preforms using prepregs from 15-300gsm. Click here to read about Preforms.

Click here to download the pdf of the NTPT ATL Machine brochure