Thin Ply Prepreg

Selector Chart

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Prepreg System Selector Chart

Name Description Fibre Weights Tg Typical Cure Cycle Typical Applications Features Typical Fibres Datasheet
TP 510-2 Cost efficient "standard" FAW - 120˚C system 75-300gsm 110˚C 1 hour at 120˚C Industrial applications, masts Good balance of properties vs cost - curable at 80˚C HSC, HEC Datasheet Download - ThinPreg™ 510-2
TP 736 Thin Ply capable - Very low FAW - 80˚C system 20-75gsm 110˚C 8 hours at 80˚C, 2 hours at 120˚C Thin Ply laminates for lower temperature processing e.g. with some synthetic core materials Very low fibre weights possible - 80˚C curable HSC, HEC, IMC Please Enquire
TP 736LT High strength marine grade 80˚C system - Lloyds approved 75-300gsm 140˚C 8 hours at 80˚C, 2 hours at 120˚C Marine structures - hulls, decks, bulkheads Lloyds Register approved, 80˚C curable, high strength E-glass, HEC, IMC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 736LT
TP 513-4 Very low FAW 120˚C systems with increased strength 20-150gsm 150˚C 2 hours at 120˚C, 1 hour at 135˚C All round system for ultra-lightweight Thin Ply prepregs Versatile system Quartz, HSC, HEC, IMC, HMC / UHMC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 513-4
TP 402 135˚C curing high performance epoxy 15-150gsm 170˚C 2 hours at 135˚C, 2 hours at 160˚C Ultra lightweight, Motorsports, automotive bodywork High Tg system, good strength - Ultra lightweight possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, PBO, Aramid Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 402
TP 402T-1 Rubber toughened version of 402 for sporting goods applications 15-150gsm 150˚C 2 hours at 135˚C Ultra lightweight sports equipment Toughened system with Ultra lightweight possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, PBO, Aramid Please Enquire
TP 135 135˚C curing PES toughened multi functional super high strength resin system 25-150gsm 160˚C 4 hours at 150˚C Motorsports, foils, highly loaded structures Medium Tg, high strength, high toughness, structural system. Very low fibre weights possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, Quartz Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ TP135
TP 150SC 150˚C ultra-low enthalpy very fast curing / snap cure system 50-150gsm 140˚C 2 mins at 150˚C Automotive, fast cycle, high volume production Very fast curing, UV stable, can be coloured, high strength E-Glass, Quartz, HSC, HEC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 150SC
TP 175 175˚C curing strong and PES toughened structural system 70-150gsm 180˚C 4 hours at 180˚C Aerospace structural parts High Tg, exceptional strength, toughness and compression after impact properties. Good hot wet performance. HEC, IMC, HMC Please Enquire
TP 180-380CE Cyanate Ester system used for space applications 30-150gsm >300˚C 120˚C for 6 hours followed by post cure Space structures Low CTE, available with pitch carbon fibres, very high Tg capability HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, Pitch Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ TP 180-380CE
GF736 80˚C curing Adhesive film 150-400gsm with 25gsm scrim glass, 25-150gsm unsupported 100˚C 8 hours at 80˚C Honeycomb, certain core and steel bonding Toughened for impact resistance and peel strength. Controlled flow. 80˚C curable NA Datasheet Download - GF736

Note that NTPT measures Tg using DMA T Onset point which typically gives a result 15 to 25˚C lower than Tg by Peak Tan Delta. Tg by T onset is the safest number to use, please be aware of this when comparing NTPT data with that from other suppliers.

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NTPT™ has developed a unique process to spread reinforcement fibres and make the thinnest unidirectional prepreg tapes on the market, with fibre aerial weight down to 15gsm. A wide range of fibres can be processed, such as carbon, glass, quartz, aramid, and impregnated with a selection of in-house developed epoxy or cyanate ester resin systems.

Fibre Type NTPT Thin Ply Prepreg Aerial Weights Available
CarbonFrom 15gsm  with MR70 12K
From 30gsm with typical PAN-based fibres
From 40gsm with pitch-based YSH70
From 90gsm with pitch-based K63712
GlassFrom 48gsm with 9μ S-glass fibres
QuartzFrom 30gsm with 14μ fibres
AramidFrom 20gsm
PBO and other syntheticsFrom 30gsm

Thin plies offer significant improvements in the mechanical properties of composite laminates and NTPT™ makes it possible for composite fabricators to integrate thin plies into their process while improving quality and reducing lay-up time.

For more information about the benefits of Thin Ply Prepregs, visit Thin Ply Advantage

While NTPT™ is naturally known for expertise in lightweight prepreg materials, we understand that these products are often part of a wider solution needing a broader material portfolio. Customers typically want to marry the performance and chemistry of thin ply with more “conventional” prepregs. 

NTPT™ offers a wide range of typical reinforcements, pre-impregnated with the same resin systems as Thin Ply products. The conventional range includes UD prepreg up to 300gsm woven (0/90) cloth prepregs, 300g and 400 g biaxials (+/-45), adhesive film, and prepreg peel ply. Other FAW materials, glass or Aramid prepregs can also be produced. If in doubt, please contact our sales team.