Thin Ply Prepreg

Selector Chart

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Prepreg System Selector Chart

Name Description Fibre Weights Typical Cure Cycle Typical Applications Features Typical Fibres Datasheet
TP 510-2 Cost efficient 75-300gsm FAW "standard" 120˚C system 75-300gsm 1 hour at 120˚C Industrial applications, masts Good balance of properties vs cost, curable at 80˚C HSC, HEC Datasheet Download - ThinPreg™ 510-2
TP 736 Thin Ply capable very light weight 20-75gsm FAW 80˚C system 20-75gsm 8 hours at 80˚C Thin Ply laminates for lower temperature processing e.g. with some synthetic core materials Medium temp curing Thin Ply material HSC, HEC, IMC Please Enquire
TP 736LT High strength marine grade 80˚C system - Lloyds approved - 75-300gsm FAW 75-300gsm 8 hours at 80˚C Marine structures - hulls, decks, bulkheads Lloyds Register approved, 80˚C curable, high strength E-glass, HEC, IMC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 736LT
TP 513-4 Very Low FAW 120˚C systems with increased strength 20-150gsm 2 hours at 120˚C, 1 hour at 135˚C All round system for ultra-lightweight Thin Ply prepregs Versatile system Quartz, HSC, HEC, IMC, HMC / UHMC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 513-4
TP 402 135˚C curing high performance epoxy 15-150gsm 2 hours at 135˚C, or 150˚C Motorsports, automotive bodywork High Tg capable system, good strength, very low fibre weights possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, PBO, Aramid Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 402
TP 402L More latent curing version of TP402 - good for thick laminates 30- 150gsm Dwell at 70˚C, cure at 130˚C Structural components in thick laminate format Controlled exotherm reaction for thicker laminates HEC, IMC, HMC Please Enquire
TP 402T Rubber toughened version of 402 for sporting goods applications 15-150gsm 2 hours at 135˚C Sports equipment Rubber toughened version of 402 - very low fibre weights possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, PBO, Aramid Please Enquire
TP 135 135˚C curing PES toughened multi functional super high strength resin system 25-150gsm 2 hours at 135˚C Motorsports, foils, highly loaded structures Medium Tg (170°C) high strength, high toughness, structural system - Low FAW possible HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, Quartz Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ TP135
TP 150SC 150˚C ultra-low enthalpy very fast curing / snap cure system 50-150gsm 6 mins at 150˚C Automotive, cosmetic, luxury Very fast curing, UV stable, can be coloured, high strength Quartz, HSC, HEC Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ 150SC
TP 175 175˚C curing strong and toughened structural system 70-150gsm 4 hours at 180˚C Aerospace structural parts High Tg (210˚C) Exceptional strength, Toughness and compression after impact properties HEC, IMC, HMC Please Enquire
TP 180-380CE Cyanate Ester System used for space applications 30-150gsm 125˚C for 6 hours followed by post cure Space structures Low CTE, available with pitch carbon fibres, very high Tg capability HEC, IMC, HMC, UHMC, Pitch Datasheet Download - NTPT ThinPreg™ TP 180-380CE
GF736 80˚C curing Adhesive film 150-400gsm with 25gsm scrim glass, 25-150gsm unsupported 8 hours at 80˚C Honeycomb, certain core and steel bonding Toughened for impact resistance and peel strength. Controlled flow. Low temperature cure NA Datasheet Download - GF736

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NTPT™ has developed a unique process to spread reinforcement fibres and make the thinnest unidirectional prepreg tapes on the market, with fibre aerial weight down to 15gsm. A wide range of fibres can be processed, such as carbon, glass, quartz, aramid, and impregnated with a selection of in-house developed epoxy or cyanate ester resin systems.

Fibre Type NTPT Thin Ply Prepreg Aerial Weights Available
CarbonFrom 15gsm  with MR70 12K
From 30gsm with typical PAN-based fibres
From 40gsm with pitch-based YSH70
From 90gsm with pitch-based K63712
GlassFrom 48gsm with 9μ S-glass fibres
QuartzFrom 30gsm with 14μ fibres
AramidFrom 20gsm
PBO and other syntheticsFrom 30gsm

Thin plies offer significant improvements in the mechanical properties of composite laminates and NTPT™ makes it possible for composite fabricators to integrate thin plies into their process while improving quality and reducing lay-up time.

For more information about the benefits of Thin Ply Prepregs, visit Thin Ply Advantage

While NTPT™ is naturally known for expertise in lightweight prepreg materials, we understand that these products are often part of a wider solution needing a broader material portfolio. Customers typically want to marry the performance and chemistry of thin ply with more “conventional” prepregs. 

NTPT™ offers a wide range of typical reinforcements, pre-impregnated with the same resin systems as Thin Ply products. The conventional range includes UD prepreg up to 300gsm woven (0/90) cloth prepregs, 300g and 400 g biaxials (+/-45), adhesive film, and prepreg peel ply. Other FAW materials, glass or Aramid prepregs can also be produced. If in doubt, please contact our sales team.